Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Kayak Safety and Security

U.S. Coast Guard Regs

I found this article to be very helpful. Please check with your local authorities for additional information.

Kayak Security

I found this article quite helpful.  Please read this article and get at least 2 sticker per kayak.

Safety Ladder 

I saw one of these online, but figured with all the stuff I have laying around, I could build one myself. (It took about 10 minutes.)

I started with a piece of 3/4" PVC electric conduit about 12" in length. I covered it with a piece of foam pad I had left over from an old broken paddle. I then cut a piece of 1/2" aluminum electric conduit about 13" in length to fit inside the PVC for added strength.  About 1" from each end, I drilled a hole through the Foam, PVC and Aluminum. Through this hole I threaded a piece of 3/8" cord. I taped the ends of the cord with electrical tape. This compressed the tape making it easier to thread through the hole. I fed the cord through the hole and out the end of pipe, there I tied a knot on the end of the cord.  After pulling the knot as tight as possible, with the tape still in place, I pushed the knot back into the Aluminum pipe. Make sure to pull the knot as close as possible to the Foam. I then glued a 3/4" PVC cap on each end of the PVC pipe and rolled the foam over the edges.

On the middle section of the cord, at the loop, I used one crimp to secure the loop and covered it with a piece of 1/2" diameter shrink tubing.  On the loop I added a locking carabiner.
This is the finished project.  It is 24" long and is dual purpose. As it can be attached anywhere making it ideal to use if I need to drag my Frontier places a cart would have difficulty. Such as thick grass.

I secured the Safety Ladder near the center handle with 2 Velcro straps. I attached the clip to the center handle.

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