Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Transducer Holder Installation

From Ken Ziomek....

I've been fooling with transducer holders ever since I started fishing from a kayak almost 7 years ago. Even though I'm still working on it-- this design is by far my most successful. I've attached some photos so you can build your own. If you look closely you can see that I've upgraded to a Humminbird 798c Side Imaging unit.

Here’s what I did.

1. I started with a Ram-Mount 1 inch ball (RAM-B-202) and fastened it to the Modular Multi Mount.

2. I attached a 6 inch double arm. (RAM B 201C) to the ball mount.

3. I attached a Ram one inch ball with 1/4 inch NPT (National Pipe Thread) hole (Ram B-218-1u) to the other side of the double arm.

4. I fastened an 18 inch flex arm with 1/4 inch NPT (RAM PF 585-18) to the threaded hole.

5. I formed a bracket from 1/8 inch aluminum stock at the transducer end.

6. I used a brass cap for 1/4 inch NPT threads (purchased at Lowes) to hold the bracket in place.

The flexible arm works great. Yesterday I was out testing my new Side Imaging unit and I hit a floating log. It flexed upward a there was no damage to the transducer or holder. The flex rod is stiff enough to hold the transducer in place. As I approach shore I loosen the double arm and swing the transducer into my NuCanoe. The Side Imaging unit presented a problem because the transducer has to be below the bottom of the hull because the sonar signals are sent 180 degrees to each side. I needed to buy a 6 inch double arm. My old depth finder transducer (a Lowrance X67c) was fine with the shorter arm.

I purchased all of my RAM components at GPS City. You can find them on line. I think their prices are as good as anywhere else. Now the bad news. It's not cheap. I believe with the aluminum and brass cap I have approximately $75 invested.

Got questions? Email me at ziomekk @ bellsouth.net.