Thursday, March 21, 2013

Meet Raymond Martinez

Hometown:  Selma, TX

NuCanoe Owner Since: August 2012

Model: Frontier 12 Hunter Brown

Contact: raymart602 @

Dealer Sponsor: Mission Golf Cars

About Me
I'm and energized guy who enjoys life.... oh and I loooooove to FISH ! 

Why do you want to be on Team NuCanoe?
I love the concept of the Frontier its a great all purpose vessel. I also love the lifestyle of fishing and paddling. I enjoy having the opportunity to help others get in tune with the lifestyle as well. 

Why I Chose NuCanoe
I've owned a wilderness tarpon, a Pelican bass buggie and been on numerous canoe outings and the Frontier has all three wrapped in one. I looked at others stand up platform  kayaks ect. and Decided Nucanoe was the best all around decision

What I Like Best
The stability / versatility ...being able to stand and fish is key to catching more and BIGGER fish. You can also produce a better hook set as well keeping that big fish on and in the NuCanoe

I'd Rather Be...
Bass fishing is what I love to do most with the Frontier... its a great fit.

My Favorite NuCanoe Story
Every time I go out there is a new great story to tell. I guess the only thing I can say is the Nucanoe makes for many great memories and paddling experience.

Where to Find Me
Team NuCanoe Blog Posts

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Capital City Kayak Fishing Tournament by Brett Humphries

2nd Largemouth Bass in the CCKFT Stop #3
Capital City Kayak Fishing Tournament Series Stop #3 was held at Lake Bastrop this past Saturday, March 9th.  I believe 36 anglers braved the tough conditions, 3 in the fly division and 33 in the conventional division.  The day dawned cloudy, and winds in the 15 -25 mph. range.  Not promising, but “what the heck, we’re here”!  The paddle from the North Shore launch was uneventful, if not blustery!

I started fishing in Middle Lake Flats cove.  My original plan was to throw a Umpqua Todd’s Wiggle Minnow  on a slow sink line.  I tried it for a little while and decided to change the plan.  I have been working on a new weedless foam frog pattern, and since the day was going to be challenging, why not up the challenge?  I caught my 1st. bass about 10 AM, a chunky 15.5″ fish.  Things were looking up!

First Largemouth Bass in the CCKFT Stop #3Hoping to put a fish an hour “in the box”, I started working the weedy shoreline.  The winds seemed to be picking up, and the pines were swaying heavily.  Lake Bastrop is a lovely little gem about 45 miles east of Austin, in an area called “Lost Pines”.  I was working it hard, with no luck!  I made another cast and my fly wrapped around some blades of grass, and “BAM!”, the second bass hit.  The fish ran towards me, and I had a hard time keeping up!  I got the net out, and brought a 16 1/4″ fish into my “NUCANOE Frontier”.

The next 3 hours brought nothing but higher wind gusts and no fish!  I headed back to the launch, and I think I paddled all the way back using only my left (port) side paddle blade.  I felt comfortable and safe in my boat, although the wind was brutal!  Having about 90 minutes left to prospect, I probed the north shore.  The area looked really fishy, but “NADA!”  I limped home, hoping I had the “winning bag”.  In the end, my 31 3/4″ was good enough for second place.
Adam Hansen took 1st. place in the fly division.  Joseph Sanderson, an Austin local attending TCU in Fort Worth, took first place in the conventional division, with over 94″ in the bag.  I must add that it was Joseph’s first time fishing Lake Bastrop, and fishing in the CCKFT.  Congratulations to every one who braved the tough conditions.  Looking forward to seeing you on April 20, in the Championship Stop.

I would like to thank my sponsor, Blake Young at NUCANOE.  They make an awesome boat, especially for standing and fishing from.  Keep an eye out for the new 10′ Frontier, due out in mid May.  Despite the tough conditions, I felt safe and comfortable.  In addition, the “CCKFTS” would not be possible without the hard work of Dan Walker at MOC Kayaks and Beau Reed at Papa Chops.  Thanks for participating!  See you April 20 on the lower Colorado!

The KBF Open Report by Kevin McCollough

The KBF Open was held on Santee Cooper Lake March 14th and 15th. Santee Cooper is a famous lake ranked number 23 in the Top 100 Bass Lakes by Bassmasters. Unfortunately I was unable to figure out the lake and the bass got the best of me this time.

The tournament was rules were two fish per day longest length total. The second day the scores zeroed out and you started over trying to catch two fish longest total length. The top anglers moved on to fish the Invitational on private trophy bass lakes located in the area.

The tournament started on Thursday to a cold front. We did not have a good chance to pre fish so we looked at maps. The mornings launch temperatures where in the thirties with a stiff wind. My fishing partner and I started paddling to a spot 1.5 miles from the ramp. We had a case of the back there disease. We had to get back there far from the ramp and paddled to a spot that looked good on the maps. The bad part about that was when we got there the water was on half a foot to a foot deep. We found some deep water in a diversion channel but it was covered in lily pads. We could not but a bite and ended up getting skunked for the day. Talking to some of the anglers most did not get a bite until later in the day. In all 29 of the 108 anglers did not catch a fish the first day. Some big fish and big totals were put up but not by me or my buddy.

After hearing the later in the day catch my partner and I decided to fish closer to the tournament headquarters and not be in a big rush to get to the launch on Friday. We put in around 8:00 and paddled to the area we chose to fish. The weather was better and I had to ditch my fleece jacket after my paddle to our spot.  When we got to our spot there was over 10 kayaks already there. After fishing awhile we talked to some who said everything caught was between 7 and 8. So much for us taking out time to launch. We ended up fishing a shallow channel with houses along the banks. It was a very pretty paddle but again no bass were caught. I did watch an angler pull a 20 inch female out. He caught her at 2:30 after trying to get her to bite for 2.5 hours. That fish was one of two I saw caught all week.

Saturday started with great weather but high winds. The wind gust were up to 25 mph. This drove a lot of the bass boats to the areas we wanted to fish. We fished hard all day but did not get a bite to complete our three days of fishing without a bass bite. I did see some beds but no fish. The highlight of the day was almost stepping on a cotton mouth.

This trip taught me a couple of things. One was to enjoy the time on the water and make the best out of just watching the world around you. Another lesson was to not put too much stock into secret spots. It only took one fish to advance to the second day. It only took a decent catch to make it to the invitational. I could have put in at the tournament headquarters and fished more and paddled less. I wasted too much time paddling that I could have been fishing. While I got to see a lot of the lake I was there to fish and not sight see. The last thing is next time I will stick to what I know. I tried to fish outside of my comfort zone and it caused me to second guess myself too much. I threw more types of lures than I have ever thrown.

I paddled about 7.5 miles on Thursday, 3 miles on Friday, and 12 miles on Saturday. I can say that my NuCanoe Frontier has now been tested and passed.
•             Paddling against a 25 mile an hour head wind, check. 
•             Paddling long distances, check.
•             Standup fishing in the wind, check.
•             Sight casting to bedding fish, check.
•             Flipping to Cyprus trees, check.
•             Carrying it over a levee when I came to a road that was not on my map, check.

I never woke up sore which really surprised me. I can not wait to get my hands on the new NuCanoe Frontier 10 foot after this trip. While the Frontier 12 worked great, the Frontier 10 would give me just a little less weight without causing any heart ache.

Overall the trip was great. The only way it could have been better was if we caught fish. I met people I have talked to on forums, met some of the people you always hear about in the kayak fishing world, and saw some beautiful sites. I ate the biggest burger I have ever eaten (twice). Will I go next year? If I can explain to my wife that fishing does not always mean catching and get permission I'll be there.

Meet Cameron McInnis

Hometown:  League City, TX

NuCanoe Owner Since: March 2013

Model: Frontier 12 Desert Sand

Contact: camfishes92 @

Dealer Sponsor: The Kayak Angler's Outfitter

About Me
I fish mostly saltwater marshes and shallow backwaters. In the winter I spend a lot of time chasing big trout over main bay reefs.

The Mini Skiff
The Frontier serves as a shallow water skiff that has capabilities that cannot be found in other vessels. I want to work with Kayak Angler Outfitters to show off what they can do.

What I Like Best
Shallow water abilities as well as stability, speed, weight, and the mount for a trolling motor.

Where I Like to Be
Sight casting for reds in shallow water.

My Favorite NuCanoe Story
Working a flat and watching drum eat crabs.

Where to Find Me
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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Friday, March 1, 2013

NuCanoe Frontier vs Hobie Pro Angler by Ken Ziomek


I am 65 yrs. old.  I have had 12 boats so far, some small, some big.  I'm looking for one like the Frontier.  I don't have a boat at this time.  I'm in Arizona and like to fish in Lake Mohave.

The problem is I haven't seen a Frontier in person.  I am also considering the Hobe Pro Angler.  What do you think?

Paul in AZ



I favor the Frontier for my fishing.  It’s the perfect boat for me and I turn 70 this year. The Hobie Pro Angler is a very expensive but limited kayak.  I’ve never been a pedal fan.  I can work a shoreline casting with one hand and paddling with another.  I like to look at all of the things that a Frontier can do and the Hobie can’t.  For example, I can fish with a partner.  I can sit in a raised more comfortable seat (very good for my aging back).  I can rearrange my seats so the front fisherman is facing me which I find very good when fishing with live bait with new or young fishermen.  I can attach multiple rod holders when fishing with multiple rods and drift fishing for crappie.  I have MUCH more room than the Hobie.  I can float in 3 inches of water.  Just like the Hobie, I can stand and fish.  I hate to sound like a commercial but I love my Frontier.  I live in a golf community where there are other former golfers like myself with back, shoulder, and neck problems that keep them off the course.  I introduce them to fishing.  I’ve had kids, skinny people, and to be nice, more rounded people with me in my Frontier.  My neighbor loved it so much, he bought the Frontier and equipped it exactly as mine.

I hope my comments help.