Friday, May 9, 2014

Another Great Day

My daughter and I fished a local lake together this past weekend from our NuCanoe. She skunked me as usual. She is a natural and just about ready for her own Frontier.

Her bait of choice is a blue and black Culprit worm rigged with a split shot about 10 inches above the worm on a Skeet Reese rod & reel combo.


River Sports Demo At The Cave

I’m looking forward to helping out at the River Sports Boat Demo At The Cove tomorrow. If you have interest in trying out a Nucanoe or just want to chat be sure to stop by and ask for Chuck.

Looks like a great place to fish also, we plan on hitting the water for a few hours afterwards. The demo ends at 3pm, anyone interested in fishing let me know.

Chuck Conder
502 615 3731

Register here…..

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

KATS Bass Tournament #5 Operation Angler : by Ray Martinez

 Round 5.... This event was another road runner back on the BIRD and Lake Austin. My personal favorite local fishery. Guess you could say this was a shot at redemption from the last tournament on these lakes. Things didn't go to well last time, if you didn’t read the last blog. We did the traditional captains meeting. With a small announcement for the charity event “operation angler " and we were OFF!

 I set out on the busiest ramp, but the best dynamic place to fish. Spending most of my morning beating the traditional fishing holes resulted in a fish-less surprise. Luckily I fished this same lake the week before when the fish were on a full spawn. Knowing this, I immediately switched things up and started doing what I do best..... shallow water sight fishing. I say this because my early bass career began in clear water creeks and small streams; thank goodness for polarized glasses! Just 5 feet off the bank, I was able to find and couple of decent bucks on beds guarding fry. Unfortunately, didn't spot any momma fish but of course caught the males off the beds within several casts each. 

Once I arrived at my favorite spawning flat, I noticed a big dark shadow off in the deeper side of the flats just passed a visible bed in 5 ft of water. Quickly backing off, I dropped anchor and began to cast past the area with a soft plastic TX rig. Fourth cast in I felt the bump I was looking for; so I give it the ole reel down and set...after that, it was ON! My rod loaded up and she started pulling drag. It appeared I had caught the larger object I had thought I seen. She gave a couple of great jumps for the crowd even with my rod tip practically in the water. Once she was at the NuCanoe I quickly netted her for the safe retrieve. She measured up to 23.25 inches and weighed 7.14 oz; this was the kicker I needed to get me in the running. She was also my 5th fish, which put me at my limit and a few more small guys. Unfortunately, towards the last hour I lost a good one that would’ve helped a couple of inches
Mrs. Twenty-three

Right as I started to figure things out I was out of time and had to paddle in.  I felt very confident about my day but, did not expect to place considering the lakes. Finally the time came to announce the placing anglers, I was standing in attendance and hear 4th place which was less in inches than I turned in. I was in full attention now if I wasn't already. They announce third place "Ray Martinez" ..... I instantly felt like a little kid. I happily walked up and claimed my trophy along with my box of winnings; which was accessories/ giftcards from Yak Attack, Yak Gear, Cabelas, and Hook1.  Talk about happy..... I know it was just a third place win but it was more about redemption for me along with gaining some major angler points. This was a great day on the water along with a sweet reward. The Nucanoe and I strike again…haha. Until next time!!!

picture credit goes to photographer friend Dustin Doskocil