Friday, May 20, 2011

NuCanoe Transport Cart Review

The new transport wheels are exactly what I needed for moving my NuCanoe back and forth between the garage and my truck.   It only takes a few seconds to snap them in place.  I also leave them on because it’s easier to move the boat into the water with the wheels rather than dragging it on the grass.  Washing my NuCanoe is simple now.  I move the NuCanoe right side up on the grass and then wash out the inside.  After I rinse, using the wheels  quickly flip the NuCanoe over and wash the hull.  The inside drips dry and I move it upside down into the garage to allow added drying time of the inside.  It’s a great accessory – I wish I had thought of it.

That’s all the good stuff if you want to include it on the website.  A couple other points--

    --As I suspected, transporting a fully equipped NuCanoe for any distance at the lake is a job and a half.  My fishing partner and I used the handles at the mid-point on the hull.  My old transport wheels work better for long hauls.

    --The shaft that inserts into the hull is not a tight fit.  I realized that the transom hole on my 10 foot and 12 foot are 2 different sizes.  By using a 1 inch copper pipe coupling on the plastic busing on the transport wheels, I was able to exactly match the diameter of the transom hole.  Because the 10 foot hole is a bit larger, it’s a bit sloppy.

These are the only 2 not-so-good comments.  It saves me a bunch of time for moving the hulls around when they are empty.  It’s a great accessory unless someone wants to transport their NuCanoe fully loaded - but I’ve got other wheels for that.