Saturday, September 13, 2014

Demo Day at West Creek Kayak and Canoe Sept.13th, 2014

It was  Demo Day at West Creek Kayak and Canoe here in West Creek, NJ.   My dealer, Glenn Collins, thought it would be a good idea to have a Fishing Kayak Demo Day and have some grilled dogs, chips, and assorted thirst quenchers.  Mother nature had second thoughts about that, but she held off enough for us to get several demo's in.  Glenn figured we would offer demo's on Wilderness commando's. Tarpon 100's, Tarpon 120's, Ride 115's 115X's, Ride 135 's 135X's, and OF COURSE the 10' and 12' World Famous Frontier's. 
Since the weather had predicted rain and wind, the turn out was sparse.  We only had to bring a Tarpon 120 and a 12' Frontier for today's testing.  You guys know me, ack-yak, and or Bob.  The father and son paddling today were Bob and Bob.  Go figure!!  Their friend was just plain old Chuck.  Bob (Dad) took the Frontier while Bob (Son) took the Tarpon.  When Dad sat down he said "Wow!  This seat is really high!!"  I told him he was sitting in the lower height multi-base seat.  He figured it would be tippy!!  NOT!!  As soon as I pushed out a few feet,  he was up and standing and paddling into the wind!!  YES, the Frontier made an instant impression.  The two of them paddled around our little 1/4 mile island  and back to the launch site.  They then switched yaks and went to do the loop again.  The son has a SUP and was up into the wind and around the island standing the entire way.  I asked for their opinions.................We all should know the answer to that one!!   The Tarpon was a nice yak, but they couldn't stop talking about the "Stability" and "Comfort" of the 12' Frontier!!
They were local guys from Long Beach Island, NJ and we chatted for an 1/2 hour about Yaks and Fishing!!
They went back to the shop, had some "Dogs" etc and spent another 1/2 hr looking over accessories and yaks.  The "Freedom Track"  had them figuring out  all the endless possibilities!!
Enjoy the pic's...........I had a Great Time helping out my Dealer doing this Demo Day.  Glen is already figuring Summer Demo's on a Sat with a Sunday  rain date.  (Ya never know how Mother Nature or her cousin "Murphy" will help ya??)