Friday, April 29, 2011

My NuCanoe

I have recently purchased my 12' Desert Sand NuCanoe.  It's always been said that there is no one "kayak" that can fit your every need or desire.  This may be true but the NuCanoe is probably the closest of any I have paddled, seen, or researched. 
The number one reason I picked the NuCanoe over everything else is it has room for me and my five year old son to comfortably fish all day together.  A close second is the swivel seat feature.  This is huge when I'm anchored and the current is pushing me, I can turn and fish in any direction I need no matter what the boat is doing.  I also love all the room I have for my gear, and to stretch out to be very comfortable! 
I also love it's stability, I don't have to be so conscious of every move I make.  I
can crawl back and forth, lean over the side, I even hooked and fought my very first bass standing up!  Stability is also very important when I have my son on board with me!  These and many other reasons are what led to my purchase of this great boat. 
Thank you NuCanoe!
Brannon Roberts

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