Sunday, July 15, 2012

Standing, Fishing, & Paddling by Ken Ziomek

                                                                STANDING, FISHING AND PADDLING

I’ve had my Frontier for approximately four months and I continue to be amazed at the flexibility that it offers.  For the first time in my eight years as a member of the “plastic navy”, I’m able to not only stand and fish, but I can also fully control my Frontier while I’m standing and fishing.  When my Frontier arrived, I immediately started spending more time standing while I was fishing.  The problem that I encountered was that I had to immediately sit down when winds moved my Frontier out of the area that I was fishing.  I would have to sit down, grab my paddle, move back to my fishing area, and then stand up to fish again hoping the wind would not continue to interfere with my fishing.  

My solution to the problem involved adding two simple paddle holders to my kayak cane which I’ve detailed elsewhere on the NuCanoe website.  When used in conjunction with a tubular rod holder mounted on the Freedom Track, my paddle and my rod are always within easy reach when I’m standing and fishing.  If the wind moves my Frontier away from my fishing area, it only takes a few seconds to set my rod in the holder, grab my paddle, reposition the Frontier, and get back to fishing. 

 As you can see from the photos that I’ve included both my rod and my paddle are always within easy reach making it very easy to stand, fish, and paddle.  Another photo shows all of the Ram Mount and PVC components that I used in constructing and then modifying the kayak cane.  If you decide to build your own kayak cane/paddle holder, I offer the following tips.
1-      Use some type of lining on the inside of the paddle holder.  This will aid in keeping the paddle from sliding on the PVC.  I used strips of the fuzzy side of Velcro that came with adhesive.  I purchased mine at Hobby Lobby.
2-      I fasten my kayak cane to one and one-half inch Ram ball mounts kept in place on the Freedom Track with double NuCanoe mounting screws.  With this type of strong mounting arrangement, the Ram ball is also suitable for use with trolling rod holders.
3-      While the paddle holders are held in place with PVC cement, none of the threaded couplings or pipes should be fully tightened.  This allows you to adjust the paddle holders to be in the best position to support the paddle if you prefer your kayak cane to be mounted at an angle.
4-      Build your kayak cane with a height that allows you to easily access or place your paddle in the holders.
5-      I’ve found that placement of my seat and the kayak cane in a location that allows me to stand in the widest part of the hull provides the greatest stability.
6-      Finally, make certain that your rod holder is mounted far enough forward of the kayak cane so the holder or your rod does not interfere with your paddling.
I’m very pleased with the results of my modified kayak cane.  I don’t believe that there is any other kayak or hybrid that offers the flexibility for a setup like mine.  If you like to stand while you are fishing, be careful before you buy another brand of kayak or hybrid.  Ask yourself whether it will provide the flexibility that you need for your fishing?

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