Friday, August 10, 2012


I don’t have one custom configuration for my Frontier; I have a bunch of them. Unlike the S.O.T. kayak that I purchased eight years ago, the flexibility of the Frontier design has allowed me unlimited creativity when setting up for fishing. Over the past six months, I have found myself using the following four fishing and paddling configurations with my Frontier.

1. CLASSIC MINI-BASS BOAT ARRANGEMENT - Since taking delivery of my Frontier, I have fished with approximately 10 different fishing partners. For most, my Frontier has been set up with both seats facing forward. Unless it is windy on the lake, I am able to effectively work a shoreline or a section of structure paddling with my left hand and casting with my right. My seat in the rear is positioned as far back as possible with the front seat set up to provide adequate leg room for my fishing partner. None of my fishing partners has ever complained that they were not comfortable or that they felt confined while fishing in my Frontier. Depending on the planned techniques for the day, I may add my depth finder to this arrangement.

2. SEATS FACING – I have found that under certain conditions, reversing the front seat so that both fishermen face each other is a more effective arrangement. I use this seating configuration when I am hosting a beginner fisherman. It works out particularly well when we are fishing with minnows or we are trolling. I can set up multiple rod holders between the two seats so I can watch all of the rods and coach the new fisherman in proper technique. Setting up the seats is easy. One is all the way forward while the other is at the rear most position on the Freedom Track. The space between the seats provides ample room for a minnow bucket and landing net.

3.VISITING GRANDCHILDREN – The flexibility of the Frontier allows me to set it up specifically for taking my young grandchildren on a paddling outing. Because I built my own seat base, I still have the two seats that came with the Frontier. I fasten my seat at the back of the Freedom Track and position the two Frontier seats to allow each grandchild equal room. My grandchildren can sit facing to the front or back. Also, my weight stabilizes the Frontier to allow my grandchildren to switch seats, move around, or visit their PopPop in his seat.

 4. SOLO FISHING – I love to fish by myself. When I’m by myself, I can quickly change techniques, move to a new location, change positions on a piece of structure, or decide to go home without having to explain my actions to a fishing partner. I have a special configuration on my Frontier when I fish by myself. My seat is positioned so that, if I stand, I’ll be standing at the widest part of the hull, which I believe offers the greatest stability for a standing fisherman. Depending upon my planned techniques for the day, my Frontier may be equipped with some or all of the following. I position a RAM Mounting Ball forward of my position on each side of the Frontier to allow me to use either my kayak cane for standing and support, or trolling rod holders. I place my Humminbird Side Imaging unit immediately in front of the RAM Mounts. I use my Humminbird unit not only to assist me on the water but also to make depth and location recordings on an SD card, which I use with Dr. Depth software, to generate maps of the small lakes and ponds that I fish. The stability of the Frontier easily allows the precision needed for this function. My depth finder is mounted on a NuCanoe Apparatus Board which I modified to fit my Frontier. In front of the Apparatus Board I position another two RAM Mounting Balls on my right side. The closest RAM ball is used for my Pentax Optio WG-1 camera, with a remote control unit, to allow me to quickly take a photo of my catch and then release the fish. The second RAM ball is used in conjunction with a tube holder for protecting my rod when I’ve landed a fish. My remote control camera is a Father’s Day gift and I’m still testing various placements in my Frontier for the best photos.

If you are investigating various kayaks for a future purchase- Do any of them offer the flexibility that I have with my Frontier. I hate to sound like a commercial BUT, don’t purchase a kayak because you saw it on TV or in a fancy ad. Consider a Frontier because it will expand, not limit, your fishing opportunities.

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