Friday, March 1, 2013

NuCanoe Frontier vs Hobie Pro Angler by Ken Ziomek


I am 65 yrs. old.  I have had 12 boats so far, some small, some big.  I'm looking for one like the Frontier.  I don't have a boat at this time.  I'm in Arizona and like to fish in Lake Mohave.

The problem is I haven't seen a Frontier in person.  I am also considering the Hobe Pro Angler.  What do you think?

Paul in AZ



I favor the Frontier for my fishing.  It’s the perfect boat for me and I turn 70 this year. The Hobie Pro Angler is a very expensive but limited kayak.  I’ve never been a pedal fan.  I can work a shoreline casting with one hand and paddling with another.  I like to look at all of the things that a Frontier can do and the Hobie can’t.  For example, I can fish with a partner.  I can sit in a raised more comfortable seat (very good for my aging back).  I can rearrange my seats so the front fisherman is facing me which I find very good when fishing with live bait with new or young fishermen.  I can attach multiple rod holders when fishing with multiple rods and drift fishing for crappie.  I have MUCH more room than the Hobie.  I can float in 3 inches of water.  Just like the Hobie, I can stand and fish.  I hate to sound like a commercial but I love my Frontier.  I live in a golf community where there are other former golfers like myself with back, shoulder, and neck problems that keep them off the course.  I introduce them to fishing.  I’ve had kids, skinny people, and to be nice, more rounded people with me in my Frontier.  My neighbor loved it so much, he bought the Frontier and equipped it exactly as mine.

I hope my comments help.


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