Wednesday, February 27, 2013

TKAA Meeting Summary by Bill Whitley

February 23, 2013

I attended the Tidewater Kayak Angler Association (TKAA), February meeting. The meeting was attended by the U.S. Coast Guard and the Virginia Wildlife, both the USCG and the wildlife people shared a lot of good information with the TKAA group. They covered topics including proper personal flotation devices,(pfd’s) and signaling devices to rules of the road for navigation. 

The main topic of discussion was safety, so we talked a lot about pfd’s being in good working condition and making sure that you and your kayak are visible to other boaters. We went over the requirements for safety gear on the kayaks and discussed some good ideas to stay safe, (vhf radios and reflective tape placement). The Coast Guard also gave us the big four to report if you are in distress: location, number of people, if you have lifejacket and nature of distress these are the things they need to know so they can find you. The expectation for the meeting was 30 people but it turned out to be more like 50 people,  great turn out . 

We had quite a few inquiries about the NuCanoe Frontier 12, most people have not seen this boat yet but they are starting to hear about it and most think it is an awesome platform for fishing. 

Thanks to Wild River Outfitters for sponsoring the meeting.

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