Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Blugrass Yakmasters/Elkhorn Creek Fishing Series - twice the fun!!!!!!!!!

        The third regular season event of the Bluegrass Yakmasters took place on Elkhorn Creek June 8th.  It was run in conjunction of the other series I fish the Elkhorn Creek Kayak fishing series.   Both tournaments were held in conjunction with each other which was pretty cool.  Two entry fees, one registration and weigh in location (photo - CPR format), and twice the opportunities to win.  
        Taylor and I hit the creek in the Frontier 12 and found the fishing to be quite good.  Many fish were caught throughout the day, but the larger fish were hard to come for most of us.  I ended up catching close to 30 smallmouth bass but most were in the 10" -12" range.  Taylor was trying some new hooks the first part of the day and hooked up with several fish that came un- buttoned before she could pull them into the Frontier... including a big large mouth in the 4lb range.  She switched back to her normal hook after lunch and was able to land two smallies to finish first in the youth division in both series events.  I ended up in a tie for 12th with a 3 fish limit 36.5".  
        33 anglers participated in the BGYM event and all but three brought fish to the photo weigh-in.  The top 3 finishers in the event were:  Tyson Peterson 46.25", Matthew Schaefer 45.75", and Keith Brown 44.75".  Most people decided to sign up and fish in both events with 24 anglers also fishing the Elkhorn Creek Series event. 

 However the winner of the yakmasters event did not sign up for the EKFS thus moving Matthew Schaefer into first, Keith Brown finished second, and moving into the top 3 Cameron Debity with 43.5".
        It was a great day to be on the creek and Taylor and I had a blast.  Looking forward to the next events in both series.  The Blugrass Yakmasters will fish Stoner Creek on June 22 and the Elkhorn Creek Fishing series will hit the creek again on July 13, 2013.  The days event ended with a cookout at Canoe Kentucky with plenty of food and fish stories to go around!

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