Friday, June 28, 2013

On A Whim

On A Whim
My buddy Kenny, his boy and I decided to hit the lake this evening, with storms passing it seemed like a good enough idea.

Worked some larger crank-baits on the channel ledges with no success. I moved on too worming the back side of a small island off the main channel, the water was 85 ish with lots of shade and seemed like a good spot but still no fish so I switched to a top water buzz bait. First cast I got a small 12", 2nd cast the same, 3rd cast yielded a 14 or 15" bass, this went on for another 10 minutes before they shut off.

Moved on down a bit and started worming some structure in deeper water where I found a few 2 and 3 pound fish, a 4.5 and a few other smaller ones. Kenny did well pitching tubes on the structure as well. At one point he was doing so well he said he may have lost his his biggest fish ever.

Like I said, seemed like a good enough idea.




Chuck Conder

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