Monday, January 13, 2014

KATS Bass Tournament by Ray Martinez

First off let me start by saying that I am an extremely proud Nucanoe owner ! I love it; its stable, balanced, roomy and customizable. I love it so much I've opted to use it as my tournament boat of choice this year in the 2014 KATS bass tournaments. KATS is a 10 tournament series here in Texas with a Classic to name the Champion of it all for the year. I currently have fished in two of the ten events already. The first was Lake Decker located near Austin TX and the second was on Lake Conroe just north of Houston, TX. I did a little travling for both as I live in San Antonio TX. That's a whole lot of Texas already.... with more to come! But no complaints by me, as Texas has some of the nations best fisherys.

Lake Decker

This tournament was quite the turnout with 84 kayak anglers total. I personally have never fished this lake before so I was leaning on luck and skill.We all paddled out to our 'go-to' spots as the horn is blown to start the event. This is one of the best parts for me as I get to paddle stride for stride against other kayak brands/models and show that even though the Nucanoe has size, she can still be quick with the right paddler. I have accessorized my Frontier a bit...3 tube rod holders, transducer mount, and Lowrance fish finder mount all made by RAM Mounts which helps make the fishing comfortable. The mounts also allowed me to use all six of my rods without tangles. I used my electronics to read depths and structure but had no luck finding the fish all day. Fished a crank bait along with a jig most of the day and not even a nibble. This wasn't an easy day of fishing due to the hard 15mph wind on the north side of the lake, not to mention all the fishing pressure that day... in the month of January. Personally have not had a skunked day of fishing in months or maybe longer. As an avid angler, I know these days can happen but it hurts when there's the opportunity to win brag rights on the line. I personally want to be the better angler of the day or among them. I will admit, I was pretty sick most of the day but I committed myself to fishing this event in hopes of a good result or simply just to gain angler points. Over all it was an awesome opportunity along with a tests of the Nucanoe's ability to be fished for eight hours on the water.  A day on the water is better than a day at work.... I'll take it.
Hawg troughs up... all 84 !!!

lucked out and got shot of me on the Frontier.

Lake Conroe

Round 2 was a cold one! 24 degrees coming off a hard cold front for Texas. The wind wasn't a big help but not entirely bad as the day progressed. The show of participants this time around was quite less, but was definitely a show of the ELITE  anglers in the series. The forty-three of us meet for check-in and a group photo then set out to our roadrunner boat ramps to unload. My Frontier and I stayed local in the early morning around some submerged wood in the middle of the channel. Fishing was slow. I looked around only to see everyone else was having the same luck. Again, I scanned and scanned .... fished and fished...nothing! Moved off the beaten path and headed out for the big lake, out side of the large cove we launched from. Found some activity on my graphs and a nice set of timber on a gradual drop so I grabbed my jig rod and got to work. I feel a small tap and immediately set the HOOK!  Feeling the small vibrations of a fish shake on my medium heavy jig rod, I slung in this poor little ten inch bass. Relieved and very grateful for the catch as that was my only fish of the day. As you all may know, it takes fourteen inches to count on the board. I paddled quite a bit hunting and beating areas with my lures. I needed to get back, but, not before I hit  my original spot just to find four other kayaks all around it. "Bummer" No one was having much luck at all...only one person caught a limit, while only one other caught more than two, with the majority not catching anything at all. All in all it was anybody's  day that day. Another great Nucanoe experience in the books.

It was so cold... ice was forming on my line. "burr"
ready to freeze and fish

Always nice to win the raffle after a long hard day.

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