Monday, February 24, 2014

Gear Review: Yak Attack CellBlock and Sidewinder‏ by Kevin McCollough

I have had the opportunity to try the CellBlok out a few time and still feel the same as when I first used it. I really like it. Before a received the CellBlok I had two Mighty Mounts in the front of my kayak that I used for my Lowrance Elite 5DSI on the right and my transducer on a RAM Transducer Arm Mount on the right. The battery sat in my hatch up front. This worked out fine but in order to change anything on the depth finder I had to stretch a bit. Now I have everything all together in arms reach. The set up is out of my way and I can rotate the screen easily to see it while standing. I've attached a couple of pictures with both before and after set ups.

While I have not used the SideWinder as much I carry it with me every time I am out. I was using a dog bumper with line wrapped around it as my anchor line. With the side winder I clipped the dog bumper to the hole in the Sidewinder and it works a lot better as far as not getting line tangled. I use the Sidewinder both with a float for quick disconnect and on the sidetrack if I am not worried about quick disconnect. I also use the 8' stake out pole a lot in shallow water instead on anchoring. On the stake out pole I have a RAM ball mounted so I can put a GoPro camera on it. The Sidewinder allows me to control a distance to stake out from the camera to record video from a different angle. Since my GoPro can be controlled by remote I can turn it on and off from a distance. A couple of the pictures attached have the Sidewinder shown in them.

I hope to put both YakAttack products to good use in the middle of March at the KBF Open in Santee Cooper SC. Stay tuned for results and hopefully some good pictures and video.

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