Thursday, January 31, 2013

Meet Bob Ackerman

Hometown:  Little Egg Harbor Township, NJ

NuCanoe Owner Since: March 2012

Model: Frontier 12 - Lime

Contact: bayrunt @

Dealer Sponsor:  West Creek Kayak & Canoe

About Me
I'm a retired Union Cabinetmaker, Wood-shop teacher, and I served in the US Navy during Vietnam as a Navy Musician. I've fished my entire life, fresh, salt, and surf. From boats, kayaks, & now this portable air-craft carrier called a Frontier 12. Did I mention it's very stable?? lol

Why I Chose NuCanoe
Boat ownership became very costly, with slips, rentals, insurance, etc. Kayaking helped out a little, but wasn't really working completely for me. Getting older sure had a lot to do with that. The Frontier was the answer. It was inexpensive, safe, comfortable, and extremely flexible. Perfect solution for me.

What I Like Best
Safety, comfort, and versatility sold me on the Frontier 12. Being able to stand-up and stretch these legs is fantastic. I couldn't do that on my sit-on-top. Now I can virtually arrange tackle and gear any way that I need. I can re-arrange stuff one way today and different tomorrow. Everything becomes reachable.

I'd Rather Be...
I really do love fishing out of the Frontier. Trolling is easy both with & without an electric motor. Standing up and fly fishing a small cork popper is great, but one of my favorite trips are when I go crabbing. I get out in the salt marshes away from boat traffic and anchor up to a bank and start using hand lines for our blue claw crabs. There is no comparison to a SOT, I can stand up, walk from one end to the other and carry large coolers or baskets. It's great!!

My Favorite NuCanoe Story
On an earlier trip this year, we went White Perch fishing in West Creek, NJ. We trolled the entire length, all the way to the bay. (saltwater trip). Well, yours truly needed a pit stop!! There were people fishing the bulkhead, so I decided to beach it and make the pit stop. Too shallow for the electric motor, needed to raise it up. Remember it's choppy, I swiveled around, slide onto the battery box (right next to seat), scooted to the transom and pulled the motor up. I never took a drop of water over the transom!!! I made a successful pit stop and paddled out to deeper water and re-lived the same procedure in reverse. TRY THAT IN YOUR SIT-ON-TOP!!.

Where to Find Me
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