Thursday, January 31, 2013

Meet Chuck Conder

Hometown:  Smithfield, KY

NuCanoe Owner Since: August 2012

Model: Frontier 12 - OD Green

Contact: chuckconder @

Why I Chose NuCanoe
I chose the frontier for a few reasons. The first reason is the biggest and that’s me. I wanted a boat that would hold my weight easily, allow me to stand up, turn around and handle rough water with ease. The second reason is I have twin boys that like to kayak as well. The Frontier allows one of them to ride with me if he chooses not to use his kayak. Another reason is that I can stand and throw a cast net...
I could go on all day but lastly, I needed a reliable kayak -  a NuCanoe, a boat that would stand up against all seasons and all conditions keeping my boys and me safe.

What I Like Best
I like the design of the interior of the frontier. I can reconfigure the Frontier for any fishing or family scenario.

I'd Rather Be...
Fishing for bass.

My Favorite NuCanoe Story
The first time I was in the boat. I walked from the front to back. My fishing partner was amazed so I brought the boat in; he had to try it out. So, he paddled out a little ways and stood up, I yelled out “try jumping up and down". Ha-ha, he jumped so high with so much force he pushed the boat out from under himself. The look on his face...It was priceless!

Where to Find Me
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