Thursday, January 31, 2013

Meet David Cheung

Hometown:  Boston, MA

NuCanoe Owner Since: August 2012

Model: Frontier 12 - Mango

Contact: dave8570 @

Dealer Sponsor:  New England Smallcraft

Why I Chose NuCanoe
I chose the NuCanoe because of the width, stability, flat transom, modular abilities, and the fact it was designed to be used for fishing.

What I Like Best
The best part about the Frontier is that I can stand up while others people are sitting all day fishing. I can also take my dog who moves around a lot and not feel like I am going to capsize because it is so stable. I did not get this feeling with my old sit on top kayak.

I'd Rather Be...
Fishing for stripers in the Boston Harbor and taking my dog out to chase ducks. He's not a very good swimmer so when he's on the Frontier he thinks in his mind that he can catch ducks because he's in their territory.

My Favorite NuCanoe Story
I first discovered the NuCanoe about 2 weeks after buying my first Sit On Top kayak. I was in a pond where I saw another person with a registered kayak. The only reason why you would have any vessel registered is because it was motorized. I met this other person and they told me how great of a boat it is and perfect it is for fishing. After doing lots of research and a year later I waited and bought the new redesigned Frontier 12. This boat has been one of my best purchases.

Where to Find Me
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