Thursday, May 2, 2013

Meet Chad Smith

Hometown:  Baton Rouge, LA

NuCanoe Owner Since: February 2013

Model:  Classic 10 Hunter Brown

Contact: chadsmithicc @

Dealer Sponsor: Pack & Paddle

About Me

I'm 43, married, and a father of 3 girls. I'm a Safety Manager by trade and I recently decided I wanted to get into small boat fishing.

Why I Chose NuCanoe
As I mentioned, I had decided to get into small boat fishing. I also contemplated the chance to take one of my girls fishing with me every now and then. I did a lot of research through name brands and models, trying to find the right boat that was not only roomy, but safe and stable enough to my liking. I knew I would be heading down to the saltwater, and I wanted a boat I felt wouldn't flip me into the water every time a decent wave came across. The NuCanoe simply fit my personal criteria. As it has been pointed out, it's not as much of a boat as it is a "fishing platform".

What I Like Best
At 10', my NuCanoe is one of the few boats on the market that's rated for 450lbs and can carry two people. That stood out a great deal. However, it's stability in the water was the deal closer for me. Any boat that is only 10' long, yet sturdy enough to fish in while standing up, deserves a long hard look.

Getting Out There
I've started singling out friends that want to hit the marshes and the redfish. I've brought my daughter fishing in it closer to the house in freshwater. But I am really enjoying getting out into the flats. I'm also looking forward to bringing the boat with us when we go camping. There are some streams that go through local camp sites that will give me and the kids the chance to simply paddle around and enjoy the water.

My Favorite NuCanoe Story
I can't say I have a favorite story yet.  I'm still collecting them.  Ask me again net month. (lol).

Where to Find Me
  • Bayou Coat Kayak Fishing Club
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