Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Meet Terrell Hester

Hometown:  Shaw AFB, SC

NuCanoe Owner Since: February 2013

Model: Frontier 12

Contact: terrell @ strictlyea.com

Dealer Sponsor: Carolina Fresh Farms

Why I Chose NuCanoe
I have been wanting a kayak for about 7 years but could never find one that fit all of my needs. About 6 months ago, I was going to pull the trigger on a Jackon kayak. My best friend of 15 yrs Raymond Martinez (Team NuCanoe Selma, TX) told me about his Frontier. Everything he told me about it was exactly what I was looking for! The next time I went back home to Texas, he took me out to the Guadalupe River to catch some rainbow trout. I was blown away by the Frontier's versatility and stability! I have never been on anything like it. 3 months later I bought my NuCanoe and the rest has been beautiful history.

What I Like Best
For me, the thing I like best about my canoe is that I can stand and fish or hunt. I feel that this is one of the features of the NuCanoe that sets it apart from the competition. Not only can you stand but you can walk, jump, turn around, etc. This is a really big selling point for anglers and hunters.

Getting Out There
I love to fish from my Frontier but this winter, I look forward to paddling out in the swamps of SC on the hunt for some hogs on the waters edge. How many kayakers can say they can do that from their rig?! None!!

My Favorite NuCanoe Story
My favorite NuCanoe story happens to be my very first NuCanoe story...LOL. I went out on my maiden voyage down a swift moving river in SC. It was late February and the water temp was about 48 degrees. Me and a buddy of mine were fishing, having a blast! Still unsure of my footing on a kayak you can stand on, we both remained seated for majority of the trip. We looked down river and noticed what looked to be an excellent place to pitch a few lures. I pulled up the anchor and that swift moving river shot us right out into the current toward the bank where there were many large downed trees. A large branch came over the top of the canoe about 3 inches knocking me and my friend right off of the boat and into the frigid water. Both of us gasping for air and holding on to the side of the boat, she still did not capsize. We crawled back into the boat one at a time and floated to the bank to dry off a bit. The buddy I was with was a skeptic of this "stability kayak" and was in total awe that there was only about a 1/4" of water in the bottom of the boat. He is now a believer! We made it back up river to the boat ramp and had a soggy ride back home where we would both tell out wives of our tale. The next day at work, everybody wanted to know about our voyage. To my amazement, my buddy jumped out of his chair to tell the story of what happened and how well the Frontier held up during the spill. All I could do was sit there with a huge grin on my face because at that moment, realized just how amazing my NuCanoe really was.

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