Thursday, May 2, 2013

Meet Jeff Waugh

Hometown:  Vancouver, WA

NuCanoe Owner Since: April 2011

Model: Classic 12 Hunter Brown

Contact: natureswildphotography @

Dealer Sponsor: On The Water Sports

About Me
I am a Wildlife and Nature photographer from Vancouver,WA. My primary focus is birds, and the NuCanoe has given me an edge over other local photographers, as I am now producing images that others cannot create without photographing on the water.

Why I Chose NuCanoe
I was looking for a very stable platform for wildlife and nature photography. As well, I wanted the capability to mount a trolling motor, and still keep the overall package fairly transportable.

What I Like Best
Stability and the capability to use a motor.

Getting Out There
Photographing wildlife from my NuCanoe has opened up a whole new range of photographic possibilities. I can get into new areas that I was never able to access before, and the payoff has been fantastic!

My Favorite NuCanoe Story
One special moment in my NuCanoe I remember quite well. I was motoring along well before sunrise through a mist covered lake and came upon a very large Beaver chewing on a tree. I stopped the NuCanoe immediately, and the Beaver stopped what it was doing and just stared at me for about a minute before swimming away. It was quite the magical moment in nature!

Where to Find Me
  • Bird
  • Portland / Vancouver Photography Meetup Club
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