Thursday, June 6, 2013

Blockhead Popper: Not just for Smallmouth Bass

Typically when you think of the Blockhead Popper, you think of fly fishing for Smallmouth Bass. The Blockhead Popper was created by Minnesota native and Mississippi River guide, Sheldon Bolstad.  The pattern was made popular by  smallmouth expert Tim Holschlag. I was turned on to the Blockhead Popper by my good friend, Jonn Graham. Jonn Graham is a smallmouth expert from Central Illinois. Every year I take at least one guided trip with Jonn to learn more about catching smallmouth. Check out his blog Streamstalker.

What I have noticed lately is that many of the flies that I fish for Smallmouth Bass work well for Largemouth Bass. I had a chance to get out on Windsor Lake to target Largemouth Bass. It has been a strange spring this year and the temps here in Northern Illinois have been below normal. I decided to try top water despite the below normal temps. It may still be a little bit early for top water but I managed to catch one little and one medium sized Largemouth Bass, the biggest of which devoured a yellow Blockhead Popper.

When fishing the Blockhead Popper, first cast as close as or even onto the shore. When your fly lands in the water let the rings settle and give it a pretty aggresive strip. The Blockhead Popper will dive into the water with a large gurgle. Let the the rings settle and repeat all over. 

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