Sunday, June 9, 2013

Seat Base Modification by David Bagley

This can be altered/changed anyway you want. I used 1 x 4 Cedar. Rot resistant, light weight, but strong enough. I used a miter saw set at 45 degrees for most of the cuts to give the edges a little nicer look.
Cut two boards 18 ins long, drill two holes 1 3/4 centered using a 1/2 in spade/wood bit.
Cut two boards 13 ins long, center them on the 18 in boards, set two inches in from each end. Glue and screw them down.
Install these on the Freedom track and screw them down loose.
Cut three boards 25 ins long and place them on the boards on the Freedom track, screw one screw in to hold the board in place (no glue yet). Make sure they slide on the track without binding. Make sure they are centered and glue and screw them into place.
Cut two boards 9 ins long and glue and screw them down leaving enough space to mount the swivel seat mount.
Cut two boards 8 1/4 ins long. I did not use a 45 degree angle on these.
Cut two boards 13 1/2 ins long using a 45 degree angle again and place these across the previous boards.
It should come out looking something like this.
And you can stain, paint, or leave it natural to your liking.
This is the 3rd one I've made. Each time I've "tweeked" it a little. Hope this helps. This base will not flex with a swivel seat installed. Make it taller to fit a battery underneath. The one I made is 5 ins from the bottom of the kayak to the bottom of the seat mount.

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