Friday, June 7, 2013

Was it Worth It for One Little Largemouth?

I woke up at 4:05 to get to the lake by 5. I took a look at the forecast and it was a very chilly morning to say the least. With temps like this, I didn't have hopes of catching a single fish. I loaded up the Frontier 12 and headed to Windsor Lake anyways. Got to the lake by 5 just as I planned. I started by fishing a point that is known to hold some monsters. I didn't bring my drag chain, so I was getting blown into shore by the wind. I decided to paddle to the far side of the lake where I would be sheltered from the wind.

I was fishing a yellow blockhead popper. I wouldn't actually say I was fishing. I was more going through the motions and enjoying the beautiful brisk morning and having the lake all to myself.

Haphazardly stripping the Blockhead Popper, I was pleasantly surprised by a surfacing Largemouth Bass. It is amazing how violently Largemouth Bass hit the surface. Even the little ones make your heart skip a beat.

To answer the question, was it worth it? Absolutely! I had the lake all to myself on a beautiful brisk morning. To top it all off I landed a largemouth albeit  it small. Fishing is more than catching fish.

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