Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Ditch Rapids in the Frontier 12

You know you have wanted to...  You, like me, have driven by those ditches flowing with snow melt and thought to yourself, "You know, I bet I could canoe down that."  Well, this year my Frontier 12 and I took to my front ditch in pursuit of the fabled ditch rapids. 

I launched my Frontier and settled in for my historic journey down the ditch.  Besides the odd looks from a couple of my daughters friends walking by, which I am writing off as jealousy, I was on my way.  With just enough water to float my Frontier, and a flow powered by steep hills and plenty of snow, I was off on my way down through the ditch rapids.

Now, as the weather continues to warm and the ice recedes I can venture out on the big water.  But the thoughts of my journey down through the ditch rapids will always warm my heart.....ok, maybe not.  But what else is a guy to do when the opportunity presents itself and he hasn't be out in his Frontier in months???  A ditch filled with flowing water starts to look pretty darn inviting!!!

~ Paul Giese

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