Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Meet: Joe Barbier

Hometown:   Pearl River, LA

NuCanoe Owner Since: April 2013

Model: Frontier 12 Desert Sand

Contact: prkayak @

Dealer Sponsor: Pack & Paddle

About Me
Gulf War Veteran. Truck Driver by trade. I am an idea man. I see things differently than most. I see something, design it in my head, put it to paper or the computer. I build it, tweak it and/or rebuild it until I get it done MY WAY. I love fishing from a kayak. The Frontier gives me options I never had with other kayaks. I will work to explore all options and then settle for what works best for me. I would rather build something than buy it. That attitude got me named in a Popular Mechanics article about kayak fishing. (That's my only claim to fame.....So far!)

Why I Chose NuCanoe
After owning several kayaks before, I decided this time to research a new one fully. My research led me to NuCanoe. I joined the NuCanoe forum in October 2012, I did not purchase my Frontier until April 2013.

What I Like Best
I like the freedom of movement. I can sit, stand or even take a short walk, about 3 steps, and not worry about getting wet.

Fishing & Rigging
I love fishing. I also love rigging my kayak in different ways just to see how it will or will not benefit the way I can fish or get to my favorite fishing spot.

My Favorite NuCanoe Story
I recently went to a Demo Day.  My local club decided to set up a tent  there to promote the sport and club membership. I was asked to bring my NuCanoe to show how we rig the kayaks differently. Once there I decided to launch my NuCanoe and use my trolling motor to run circles around the Hobie kayaks. I got the looks that I wanted and even was able to steer a few people toward my local NuCanoe dealer.

Where to Find Me
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