Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Meet Dave Kooser

Hometown: Colorado Springs, CO

NuCanoe Owner Since: Aug 2012

Model:  Frontier 12 Desert Sand

Dealer Sponsor: Coulee Region Adventures

Contact: dkooser@comcast.net

Why I Chose NuCanoe
I was looking for a kayak that would allow me to fish and hunt safely as well as with comfort. I did a lot of internet research and finally decided on NuCanoe even though I had never seen one in Colorado. Based on what I read on the internet as well as reading the NuCanoe forum, I was convinced this was the kayak for me.

What I Like Best
Simply stated, stability. I am an excellent swimmer, love the water and have no fears of swimming...so much so that I competed in an Xterra triathlon training for open water swimming and competing in a small yet very cold lake in Frisco, Colorado. All this said, I don't want to end up in the water unless I want to be in it. The Frontier gave me the confidence that I needed to not end up accidentally in the water.

What's Your Favorite NuCanoe Activity
Tough decision. I am more of a fisherman than a hunter but experiencing how stealthy and how easy my Frontier can blend into the surroundings while waterfowl hunting brings hunting even with fishing.

My Favorite NuCanoe Story
: My son and I launched our kayaks (me in my NuCanoe, he in his non-NuCanoe...working on getting him in a NuCanoe) at a local lake. I paddled out about 30 yards while he floated close to shore. I stood up to cast a lure and everyone on the shore gasped saying "watch this guy end up in the water". I did not hear them but my son told me about it later. We both laughed.

Where to Find Me
  • On my blog
  • On the forums

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