Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Meet Kenny Ratliff

Hometown: LaGrange, KY

NuCanoe Owner Since:  March 2013

Model: Frontier 12 Olive

Contact: kenratt1968@gmail.com

Dealer Sponsor: 

Why I Chose NuCanoe
My family suffered a tragedy several years ago involving kayaks. A good friend (and Team Nucanoe member - Chuck) let me try his Frontier. This re-sparked my interest in kayaking because of design, safety, and quality.

What I Like Best
Being a larger individual - I've been told I'm not fat, just big framed - I wanted a kayak that was more stable than what I had been in before. The fact that it is impossible for me to flip the Frontier made it an ideal choice for the activities I wanted to use it for.

Where to Find Me
  • On my blog
  • On the forums
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