Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Meet David Pehl

Hometown: Holmen, WI

NuCanoe Owner Since:  October 2010

Model: Frontier 12 Hunter Brown

Contact: dpehl@uwlax.edu

Dealer Sponsor: Coulle Region Adventures

Why I Chose NuCanoe
I chose NuCanoe for several reasons. First, the portability of it. It's a lot easier to load and unload than the 14 foot traditional canoe I had. I can load it and be on the road to my destination in under 10 minutes. Second, I wanted something that was safe and stable. I have fished and paddled in canoes and Kayaks that were not stable. It's hard to relax and enjoy the experience if I am constantly worrying about tipping over. I wanted something that when my wife or children went out, they wouldn't be afraid of tipping. I have never had a moment in my NuCanoe that I felt unsafe, even with two husky men sitting in it.

What I Like Best
Do I have to just pick one? It allows me to get to places that others can't. It is so stable that I have no problems taking my kids out on it. It gets me to the fish that others can't get to. It allows me to expose my children to the outdoors so they have a greater appreciation of it.

Where to Find Me
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