Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Meet Keith McQueen

 Hometown:  Fairfield, TX

NuCanoe Owner Since: February 2013

Model: Frontier 12 Lime

Contact: bearkat9293 @ gmail.com

Dealer Sponsor: Mariner Sails

About Me
I am a designer by degree. I love to fish and hunt. I am always trying to tinker with different things and see if I can make them better or add functionality. So I like to use my design skills to improve or design new hunting and fishing gear.

Why I Chose NuCanoe
Simplicity & stability. I wanted something that I could stand and fish from while chasing Reds on the bay and be able to handle the rougher waters of lakes. I am also a larger guy and I needed something that had a high weight capacity.

What I Like Best
I like the ability to stand and fish. I also like the fact that I do not feel like I am going to "turtle" all the time. Makes it much more enjoyable.

Favorite Fishing Hole
Fishing for bass of Richland Chambers and Reds in the bay.

My Favorite NuCanoe Story
The first time I took it out my son was in the front fishing as I paddled him around. He thought it was so cool to be able to stand and fish for bass as I motored him around. I'm getting him his own yak!

Where to Find Me
Team NuCanoe Blog Posts

Photo & Video Gallery

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